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Beauty is You

We find beauty in something every day. Whether it’s waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee with the sun rise, or ending the day curled up with your favorite book. 


Beauty is wearing your favorite color, or treating yourself to a well-deserved headspa, or even cleansing your space and setting beautiful intentions for the day. 


Beauty is sharing the love with one another for books that help us escape for our daily routines. 


I find beauty in books because it takes the mind to somewhere it’s never been, experiencing adventures & mysteries. Beauty is attending book swaps and realizing there’s people out there who share the same love and passion as you do.


Your beauty is endless, it is so powerful it can move mountains. They say “beauty is skin deep” but I also believe it radiates off of you too.  I know deep in my soul that my clients leave with their beauty doubled, tripled even, from when they first walked into the space. To be able to amplify your beauty whether it’s a painted balayage, or headspas, is truly a gift to me. 


I hope you can join the upcoming Book Swap, (feel free to dress up like your favorite character!) June 9th at 6pm or at another upcoming event. 



Caitlin and Ethos Fam


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