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Hi! I am Juliana aka Jules ;) and I am the assistant at Artemis Ethos. I'm very happy I found my hair home here, it's truly a perfect fit!


About a year ago I graduated from cosmetology school at Robert Fiance in Ocean Township. I enrolled there right after I graduated from Wall High School.


There aren't many things I dislike about doing hair. I would say I'm very passionate about it. From the very moment I walked into this salon, I knew it was different from all the rest. I have an individual bond with everyone here which I had found difficult in the past to create. 


I love that I get to learn all the stylists different techniques and see which are most comfortable for me. I get to practice on my mannequin heads when Jen gives me new challenges, which is always fun!


There are also so many different events held here that give me the opportunity to get to know everyone better, and on a different level.

For example, the open mic nights, which Rachael hosts! Seeing our lovely community come together and share their talents is beautiful.


I have performed at them too! Having the opportunity to share one of my hobbies with everyone is great, and something I wouldn't be able to do at most salons!


Some other fun facts about me are, I love the beach, enjoying nature, spirituality, and animals! I would love to meet you and hear about your interests here at Artemis Ethos!




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