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Self Care

People talk about it but how many actually tend to themselves? You hear it all the time self care this, self care that.




It can be annoying sometimes (at least for me sometimes) ...


It's also something I have been consciously improving and working to be better at. I'm not talking about retail therapy. As much as I love to shop, it does get expensive!


I'm talking about hair masks, writing, bubble baths, music that actually has a purpose (healing tones - they are real look into it!)


March was a tough month and it has forced me to tend to myself.

My body. My mind. My heart. My soul.


Those are all new forms of self care for me. Like I said, I love to shop and that has been my selfcare for a long time.


But, I was gifted with a weird blessing that month, which in turn allowed me to turn inward and slow down. To understand that the mind, body, and soul is what needs the most care.


Writing, reiki, music, cooking, bubble baths, my cats and my home have become my most favorite new ways of self care. To give myself the lovins I cannot rely on other people for. We cannot leave ourselves in the dust, for we are being guided to tend to our souls.


We just have to listen.

You see, you take you with you, everywhere you go.



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