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Everything is connected.

Our journey began in 2017 as a small holistic salon in Matawan, New Jersey called Artemis. Our mission at the time was to transform the way luxury hair care was done, which often used an excess of chemicals toxic for the body & the planet. After some searching, we found holistic distributors & brands devoted to evolving and working in greater harmony with the human body & the planet (Oway and Original & Mineral being two highlights) . We soon developed an amazing tribe of clientele, loyal and passionate about the type of mindful beauty and art we were creating. However, it wasn't until we were faced with a global pandemic that the true clarity of our mission became clear. This mission was one in need of wings. It needed to encompass and elevate everything we had been working towards in our salon space, but with a spirit of truly connecting in new ways & giving back to our communities. To share the beauty & healing of a holistic way of relating with the world. When we say holistic, we do not simply mean a catchphrase or brand. To us holistic is a simple truth - everything is connected.        

It is from this space that ETHOS was born.

Headspa Photo by David Ross Lawn


- BEAUTY: Deliver luxurious, premium haircare, skincare, bodycare, & soulcare services that heal & reveal your intrinsic radiance.      

- PROTECT: We honor & protect the biodiversity of this planet with sustainable beauty products & practices. 

- GIVE: We give back to our local & global community/ecosystem, collaborating with organizations devoted to creating sustainable & healthier shifts in our world.

- HEAL: We offer space to care for the mind, body, and soul, always providing safer & cleaner holistic alternatives for beauty. 

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