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The Way of Tea

The art of tea is a fine dance between the elements - earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, dancing within every bowl. Every bowl of tea meeting you in that distinct moment of space and time, calling you back to your self and this earth. The poetry of tea is undeniable by all who may traverse the way of the leaf. Yet this journey with tea remains ever simple - with you sitting quietly with a bowl of warm tea between your two palms. Gently guiding it to your lips and sipping. Noting what happens within those delicate moments. Within that space shared between other souls in silence.

How often do you grant your heart, gentle presence and silence?

I know for myself, not nearly enough, which has called me to serve and bring an hour-long journey with tea, to you. Come as you are. Be prepared to sit in silence and receive several bowls of tea (Please note that the tea served is from the native tea plant, camellia sinensis, and will contain caffeine). At the end, space is open for heartfelt speech and discussion, although continued silence is nourished as well.

Our tea space is available Tuesday mornings at 9:45am with a sliding scale exchange.

In Spirit,


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