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Let me tell you about Hypnosis...

I think a lot of people have some hesitations when it comes to hypnosis. 


Most people fear feeling out of control and that they might do silly things when they are hypnotized like standing on their head or quacking like a duck.


You will never do anything hypnotized that doesn't align with your values. So if I asked you to rob a bank during hypnosis, you will snap out of it and won't want to participate.


YOU are always in full control.


Hypnosis can be used for fun, like stage hypnosis that you might have seen on TV or at a show, but it can also be used as a tool to help you be a better version of yourself or to help you reach your goals.


You will hear everything that is happening and you will be a state of total relaxation.


There will be no weird feelings, no loss of consciousness, no loss of hearing.


Hypnosis is not a sleep state. You are completely awake. It is a relaxed trance. This helps us build trust and a relationship with our unconscious mind, so that we can create long term change. 


Your unconscious mind is like a child. It needs simple directions and clear orders to follow. It wants to be a servant FOR YOU and it looves to get you closer to your goals by following directions. 


I used to think that I was "gullible" if I could be hypnotized. But that's not the case at all. You are using your imagination to accomplish your goals. How cool is that? It is an exercise for your mind and it helps make you stronger. 


Here are some examples of what hypnosis could be used for: 

✨weight loss

✨quit smoking

✨pain management

✨performance enhancement

✨stress reduction

✨anxiety reduction



If you are interested in using hypnosis as a modality to heal your Inner Child, we are having a breathwork and Hypnosis Event on May 3rd focusing on talking directly to your inner child. 


Hope to see you soon! 




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