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What Has Made Ethos

What it is today is simply taking lessons from the past. The first recorded salons were community spots where all the great thinkers would meet up and talk about what is going on in the world, all while creating self care moments for themselves. It was a chance to bring in community, build relationships, and forge new paths.


We have taken a cue from that. I am a big history buff and it was very important for me to take things back to the grain. Bringing people together is super important for all of us, at Ethos. 


To have a second home, to feel comfortable, to be free and to feel like their true selves. 


It has been a blessing to see all these beautiful relationships spark between so many creative people; artists, musicians, comedians, hair stylists, breathwork facilitators all coming together.


There is a space for everyone here. And everyone is connected in some way. It's a beautiful spark of creation that has happened in our space. Our goal is to share that spark with our community, everyday. 


Thank you for being a part of the magic. 



Jen and Ethos fam

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