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You Look So Good Today

We all have moments like this; you look in the mirror or pass your reflection and think “Wow, look at me today, I look great”, and if you grew up with a phone in your hands or not, a quiet little thought might float by ‘I should take a selfie..”

Let’s be honest, selfies are hard! We never look the same from the mirror to the mirrored camera; that’s the thing, all your camera does is translate light into a picture. The point of view is different, the light is different, the color is different; and some how, magically, your face seems very different. You think “oh my god is this really what I look like?” Let me save you the trouble - you don’t! Every camera lens has a different perspective, including your iPhone, which means we have to figure out a way to make that picture look more like reality.

Here’s a few tips and tricks I have learned over the years through photography with friends and through being a teenager who can’t stop taking pictures of themselves.

1.) Lighting - I know you might think standing in the sun is going to be the best lighting because it’s the brightest but indirect lighting is what to look for when you want to capture a great picture of yourself. Don’t sit yourself directly in the sunshine, find a spot inside or a shady spot outside!

2.) Background - I find the best pictures of myself don’t have too much going on in the background.  Sometimes we think it might add interest but other times it takes away from the subject - that’s you! If I’m taking pictures of myself inside, I find a curtain to pose in front of. This also helps block out any direct lighting from outside so when your phone is translating the image into a digital format it doesn’t get too confused because let’s be honest, technology, while powerful, is not always that smart.  Outdoors you can find a solid wall or use a lot of greenery to pose in front of.

3.) Posing - This is something we all feel a little awkward about. None of us had a run on America’s Next Top Model! We’re all just working with what we’ve got - but here’s the key - take a deep breath and relax. You’re going to catch an angle you don’t love, even the professionals do!  Photoshoots in fashion magazines get a few printable pictures from an entire day of shooting, so know that you are not alone! You want to look natural, relaxed, and comfortable.  Set up your selfie camera so that you can see yourself move around. Sometimes I grab my water bottle and prop my phone up on a table or chair so that I can move the camera around and find the best spot to take the picture from.  Use this to look at yourself and find angles and poses that you like.

A few fun pro tips:

  • If you don’t like setting up a self timer, set up the video and move around! You can always take a screenshot or pull any photo from the video reel you take.

  • Have a fun sunset light or mood lighting for relaxation? Use them to elevate your photo!

  • Here’s one of my favorite parts: Once you know the rules, you can start to bend or sometimes even break them and still get amazing results!

Now that we’ve found our angles, set up a self timer on your selfie camera. I usually use 10 seconds because it gives me time to move around and find the poses and angles that I like.  And guess what? Sometimes I take 30 different pictures. How many make the cut? Maybe 5. Don’t let that discourage you! Remember what I said about photoshoots that go into those magazines? Those photographers and models keep on and they’re incredibly proud of their work! You should be too. Every one of us is beautiful and we all deserve to feel that. We all deserve to celebrate ourselves in a variety of ways and I think that preserving the moments you feel the best about yourself is so. incredibly. important.

So get up, get out, and take that selfie!

Ps. Here’s a little clip to inspire you. Have fun!



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