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What Saved Us In Costa Rica

Going to Costa Rica this time around, with all the Ethos Lights that could join, created such a harmonious and healing experience in a beautiful environment of togetherness and positivity, while we manifested for the future.


What we brought to Costa Rica that helped us in the tropical climate, and will help you during summer time: 


Color Protection UV Spray- great for our red heads and blondes, or anyone that is concerned about their hair getting brassy. It is an added layer of UV protection to prevent color damage. 


Arete Leave in Conditioner- when coming out of the ocean, this will add a lot of moisture to your hair. It's a perfect product to throw a braid in your hair with 


Shakti Karmasutra Lotion- The ultimate nourishing cream to oil, adorning the parched skin of summer with added radiance


Arete Cleansing Milk- great with an outdoor shower on the beach, for your hair and body


Bio Rich Water- Skin and hair refresher; also cleanses the air around you to keep that positive energy flowing. Perfect to keep in your cooler as a refreshing mist. 


Our hopes for the summer is that you can chill out and relax on these beautiful sunny days, just be present and create some summer rituals for that much needed me time. 


This season, the perfect summer day would be all day at the beach then heading to Ethos for a Headspa and Blowout and bringing the best version of yourself for your night out.


 We are planning out schedule of events for fall, if you are interested in co-creating respond to this email with your idea! 





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